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Sailor Moon Item Bases
I am willing to make crystals for various Sailor Moon fans who want their Sailor Scout OCs to have crystals for points if anyone is interested.

So far I will do the following crystals.

Heart Crystal/Super Transformation Crystal

Star Crystal/Eternal Transformation Crystal

Imperial Crystal/Imperial Silver/Gold Crystal (From the manga)

Imperium Crystal/Imeriun Silver/Gold Crystal (From the anime) 

Pure Heart Crystal

Star Seed Crystal

Each crystal (Without a background) will be 20 points a piece. 
Each crystal (With a background) will be 40 points a piece.

Newest Deviations

Mature content
Fins and Needles :iconiggwilv:Iggwilv 0 0
Mature content
Death Metal Jealousy (Lemon) :iconiggwilv:Iggwilv 0 0
Past Desires, Future Cravings
Finland stood in the shadows of one of the larger grave stones as he saw Aland walk into the mausoleum. He made sure that no one but him and her were around and that she didn’t spot him… yet. The smell of mold and rust lingered in the cool autumn air as a wind gust caused the old iron hinges of the mausoleum door creak and crack as the late afternoon sun filtered through the entrance and the trees outside giving odd and somewhat fighting shadows dancing on the walls. Finland walked ever so closer till he was in the front of the entrance and in clear view was Aland, who was placing roses for fallen friends who died in the last two world wars.
His little archipelago, his lovely Aland Islands, his beloved Sylvia. Finland wanted nothing more than to keep her and love her. But there was one problem, and that problem was Sweden. Berwald also cared for Sylvia like he did throughout the centuries. But that was the one thing that kept him and Sylvia apart, the greed and devotion Ber
:iconiggwilv:Iggwilv 1 0
Mature content
Petitory Personification Mating Syndrome (Lime) :iconiggwilv:Iggwilv 1 0
Mature content
Love Doll :iconiggwilv:Iggwilv 1 0
Mature content
Nightmare :iconiggwilv:Iggwilv 0 0
Secrets and Lies
It started like most world meetings would have, but this time it was different. This particular world meeting was via invitation only and only selected few countries were chosen to be there. Several days earlier an expedition to the Baltic Anomaly was conducted by the Nordic and Baltic counties with a Swedish science team. The trip to the Anomaly was a complete success, but for a price. The personification of the nation known as R’lyeh as the one chosen to take the photographs and what she saw was an ancient temple complex with carved inscriptions that she could only identify as her country’s earliest written language, Proto-R’lyehian. It was a language that she could translate, but of what she read of it, it scared her to the core. As the world meeting progressed, it was decided that it was best to go to the only known source of the strange writing, other than what was photographed; The island of R’lyeh itself.
R’lyeh took the podium and looked at everyon
:iconiggwilv:Iggwilv 1 0
Promise Me
“How are you holding up down there Lukas?” asked Denmark as he saw his friend descend in a one person mini-sub a few minutes earlier.
Norway picked up the radio and replied, “I am doing well. The view is… interesting to say the least.”
And for Norway that was a huge understatement. He and the other Nordics and the Baltics were doing an expedition with a Swedish marine research vessel to study the now infamous Baltic Anomaly. It took several times before hand to get any information on the anomaly, without something screwing up the mission for any normal research team, but this time they asked the Nordics and Baltic states for help. And this led to the latest research team to have the latest technology and equipment money could buy available to the research team and their research paid for as well.
Out on anyone of the Nordics or the Baltics it was decided that Norway would be the best one to pilot the mini-sub for a few reasons. One he could be calm and com
:iconiggwilv:Iggwilv 2 0
Mature content
Shattered Teenaged Romance :iconiggwilv:Iggwilv 1 0
History of the Attic
Walking up the stairs to the attic at Denmark’s mansion, Sweden carried a box of stuff that he needed to put away, he opened the door to see a microcosm of what was the life and times of the King of Scandinavia and friends. From random junk to valuable trinkets that any world history or art museum would pay a fortune for to have, let alone loan to exhibit, Denmark’s attic had everything. Putting the box down in a spot, he looked around and smiled. Lot of memories were stashed away up in this attic, both good, bad and everything in between. It was one of the benefits of being someone that practically had an immortal life.
Walking around he saw a painting. It was the first painting of all five Nordics and it was made during the early seventeenth century and it was something else. It was a time of settlements and conquest. He and Finland got their asses handed to them and their villa stolen from Netherlands, which upset Finland a lot, much to his dismay. But that was the pass
:iconiggwilv:Iggwilv 0 0
Mature content
Shadow Puppets (Lemon) :iconiggwilv:Iggwilv 0 0
Mature content
The Doe Insident :iconiggwilv:Iggwilv 0 0
Hell of an Ending
Walking down the streets of Helsinki, Finland was doing random errands. His day started out sending Sealand off to his micro nation meeting, then to the vet for a checkup for Hana, from there to the groomers, and then the kennel to have Hana boarded up for a few days as he had house cleaned up for his yearly spring cleaning. And all of that was before lunch. Finland hated days like this and wanted this day to end as soon as possible. But unfortunately, his day wasn’t going to be that easy for him.
Getting into his car and buckling up, he grabbed his appointment book and looked at what he had to do next. “Okay let’s see. See Peter off, the vet, the groomers and the kennel for Hana. Those are all done. I have to do the grocery shopping, get the dry cleaning, go to the office to get and drop off some paperwork, then there is the bank and paying the bills. I really should get some take out for dinner since Sylvia been gone all day and won’t come home till late tonig
:iconiggwilv:Iggwilv 1 0
Monsters and Mazes
“RUN, RUN, RUN!!!” shouted Finland as he passed by Sweden, Norway and Denmark with Iceland quickly following behind the Fin screaming as well.
“YOU HEARD TINO GUYS! RUNNNNN!!!!!” Iceland shouted as he passed his fellow Nordics with extreme haste.
The three other men looked at each other, then toward the direction of Iceland and Finland before looking back at each other. All three of them were totally confused as to what was going on. Last time they checked they were exploring an old fortress in Germany where they had a world meeting earlier that week. They did heard warnings from Germany and Prussia about the fortress they were currently at being extremely haunted and a possible gateway to hell or some other demonic plane of existence. They thought that they were prepared for such a thing, well only time could tell.
Turning to Norway and Sweden, “What the fuck is wrong with them?”
“Beats me.” Said Sweden shrugging his shoulders.
Norway lo
:iconiggwilv:Iggwilv 1 0
That Which Boggles the Mind
“Ah shit!!!! Lukas get me out of here please!!!”
Norway looked up to see R’lyeh stuck in a bog. Running up to her to see the poor girl stuck in a mud bog in the middle of the marshes in the wilderness of Norway’s homeland. She was slowly sinking and the Norwegian was in full rescue mode. Grabbing a good length of rope, he made a lasso and swung it around over his head before tossing it in her direction. Hoping that the rope got to her so he could pull her out of the mud.
“Do you, have it?” He yelled to her.
R’lyeh shouted back as the rope circled around her body, “PULL!!!”
Norway quickly pulled and with a little of finally being in the right position, he got R’lyeh out. Breathing deeply, she sighed before turning over onto her back to only see her rescuer looking at her while still holding the rope he used to save her with. “Thank you, Lukas. A bog might be my kind of place but I am far from being naturally attuned or eq
:iconiggwilv:Iggwilv 0 0
Living the Domestic Life
Aland blinked as she passed by Finland’s man cave, peaking in she saw the Fin watching an ice hockey game which he was greatly involved in. She snickered because Finland didn’t normally act this way; but when he did it made her heart race. It was weird, but she liked it when Finland was all burly and kind of caveman like. Taking a quick look at the end table next to Finland’s recliner she saw that he was almost out of beer and snacks. Looking at her watch she saw that dinner was going to be a few hours away so she turned around and ran to the kitchen to get him some more beer and snacks.
Looking through the snacks they had, she found some of Finland’s favorite potato chips, some dip and some pizza roles. Quickly cooking the pizza rolls, she could hear Finland shout at the TV as if his yelling at the referee could influence the hockey game any, which she knew was impossible, but most men she came across in her life did that
:iconiggwilv:Iggwilv 0 0

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Mental Patient .:Base:. by KagaTsuki Mental Patient .:Base:. :iconkagatsuki:KagaTsuki 83 36 .Base Request: I don't know. by chasityathens .Base Request: I don't know. :iconchasityathens:chasityathens 140 19 Base 24 - Ed Lying In Bed by MeSadChild Base 24 - Ed Lying In Bed :iconmesadchild:MeSadChild 210 11 FMA Manga Panel Base by KagaTsuki FMA Manga Panel Base :iconkagatsuki:KagaTsuki 140 0 Ta-DAH Base by KagaTsuki Ta-DAH Base :iconkagatsuki:KagaTsuki 145 10 PWNed .:Base:. by KagaTsuki PWNed .:Base:. :iconkagatsuki:KagaTsuki 166 10 So Cool... .:60th Base:. by KagaTsuki So Cool... .:60th Base:. :iconkagatsuki:KagaTsuki 231 11 Male Smile .:Base:. by KagaTsuki Male Smile .:Base:. :iconkagatsuki:KagaTsuki 204 16 Final Fear Base by KagaTsuki Final Fear Base :iconkagatsuki:KagaTsuki 26 4 Crazy laugh .:Base:. by KagaTsuki Crazy laugh .:Base:. :iconkagatsuki:KagaTsuki 257 51 Insane Gin .:Base:. by KagaTsuki Insane Gin .:Base:. :iconkagatsuki:KagaTsuki 307 18 Laughing Man .:Base:. by KagaTsuki Laughing Man .:Base:. :iconkagatsuki:KagaTsuki 260 24 .: Winry Base - No Pixel :. by luna-ichiho .: Winry Base - No Pixel :. :iconluna-ichiho:luna-ichiho 129 10 Ozai's Hommunculi by Abayomi Ozai's Hommunculi :iconabayomi:Abayomi 233 45 Angry Eye .:Base:. by KagaTsuki Angry Eye .:Base:. :iconkagatsuki:KagaTsuki 533 88 Gonna hit chu Base by KagaTsuki Gonna hit chu Base :iconkagatsuki:KagaTsuki 34 2
GOD I HATE THEM!!! They constantly act like they are better than you, say that they want to RP with you but turn around and avoid you like the plague, criticize what you want to do in a RP and how you write and how you RP, demand that you should always play a cannon character and think that their shit don't stick when they treat you like shit and they think that they are being your damn friend. Fuck that shit!!!

  • I will NOT RP a canon character because I know I will never get their personalities right!
  • I will NOT RP male characters because they end up to female than male when I RP!
  • I will RP in a way that I feel right! If you don't like it that is your problem and you have NO right to tell me how to RP!
  • I will keep my writing style of RP! Don't like my writing style, well I don't criticize your so you have NO right to criticize mine!
  • I will NOT change to make the world happy if it means losing my integrity, my soul or my true self!
  • I do want to ship my OC in RP with others I RP with! I am sick and tired of people saying it is not about ships when that is all I fucking see on my timeline/dash/threads/etc! Do NOT tell me the I am not allowed to ship my muse! Shipping of characters is a right and NOT a privilege to the elite in RP!
  • Do NOT tell me that being rejected all the time in RP isn't something to get upset and extremely depressed about! IT IS!!! People commit suicide, homicide and get addicted to unhealthy things and unhealthy habits because of rejection! When someone is reaching out for friendship and to socialize you do NOT shun them! EVER!!! You should hold out your hand, say hello and tell the person I will like to get to know you and maybe be your friend. But does this fucking happen in RP? FUCK NO!!!

Does anyone care that I am working my ass off, getting out of my comfort zone just to try to interact with people on my Aland Islands blog on Tumblr? FUCK NO!!!! No one cares, everyone I seem to come across either has an elite attitude, is in a fucking clique or just doesn't want to RP with me for some dumb ass prejudice thing in their damn heads! Learn to give people a chance and to give them what they want for god sake!

You know what I would love for Christmas? Some RPer who RPs a Nordic character from Hetalia actually want to RP with me and have their character be in a romantic relationship with my Aland Islands. That is all I want. 

But guess what, the will NEVER happen! I know how people are. I can't seem to trust anyone anymore.
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  • Playing: Pokefarm Q
  • Eating: Noodles
  • Drinking: Coffee.


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